It's really nice to receive these awards from fellow bloggers, everyone likes to be appreciated and it's good to know that people like the things I post - especially as it's such a mixture of subjects. As I now have a few (yeah check me out - I feel like Halle Berry at the oscars) I've decided to make myself the blogger equivalent of a display case and give them their own page.
But - while I am pleased to get these I refuse to comply when they come with conditions attached. Was Halle forced to tell the audience ten "interesting" facts about herself and pass her Oscar on to fifteen other actors. No. Getting an award that every other blog also has is a bit like getting all chuffed because your kid got a certificate from school then finding out that every other kid in the class got one too. Not so special now is he ?
Sometimes they spread faster then herpes.
And I'm not going to be responsible for that.

Now for the boasting.

********************* Awards I've Received *********************

The first ones pretty apt for me and was given to me by KMarie.


I was given the Versatile Blogger by Capricous Retch, Andrea, Jamie & Cakeologist.


The Stylish Blogger Award was from BorderlineGirl, YumBucket, Jezebel and again Capricious Retch.


From PsychoBasher

She gave this to me "Because you rock.  And had it been another lifetime, you would have been the sister I never had", what a lovely thing to say.


08/03 My newest follower CMB informed me that I have won this,
I'm not entirely sure why, since he made this 'for all his followers' which I wasn't at the time (I am now though) but apparently I deserve it because of my 'it's a man thing' post.
However this may prove to the most practical award yet.


25/03 Today I am honoured and got that Halle Berry feeling again as PsychoBasher has given me two, yeah two em an weep people.
This one because I "don't give a rodents arse what anybody thinks and will write about whatever I want".
She got that right.


And this....because I am the "evil twin sister she wished for but never got".
Mwahh ha ha ha.....I love it.


A new award - given to me by Lily, you can find a link to her hilarious blog The Incoherent Ramblings of A Single Parent on my recommended reading page.


This one from Number Eleven, came with the ability to change three things to make the world a better place....I've put in a request, now I just have to wait and see.


From Vee, who has travelled the world and writes an amazing blog about her adventures.


From Psychobasher, a very pretty award - it came with some questions to answer but I will write a post for that when I decide who to pass it on to.


From Al at Penwasser Place. Click the picture for links to him and the fabulous blogs
I passed it on to.


From White Wave

This one is very special to me as Vicky who made it has since passed away.


From the very lovely Janie Junebug.


From Violet and Shea.


From Lily.

Supportive ? I'm the blogging equivalent of a Wonderbra.



From Chuck at Apocalypse Now

 ********************* The Award I Made *********************

This one needs no explanation, there are some hilarious bloggers out there and I wanted to show my appreciation in the time honoured tradition of throwing my pants at them.
I attach no conditions other then please keep doing what you're doing and entertain me ! You can copy and put it on your blogs if you want, but I will not be at all offended if you don't. I just wanted to show my appreciation of your comic genius.

And I was bored and I like playing with paint. . . . . .


Check this out, a present from MindTwister for doing such a good job 
managing the forum complaints department.

I know you're all jealous.


  1. No, no, no. That award is for my readers, and you became a reader of my work when you read my first comment on your blog. My words were all up in your brain. We'll not my words because all the words I use were made up by Merriem-Webster. sfnvd skanfvn sjnv fdsj There now my unique words are all up in your brain. The translation: you are a certified qualified eligible reader of me. Right now my words are doing the Mambo in your brain.

  2. the last one! Good god!

  3. Glad you remember my award so fondly. When I began blogging I said to myself; out loud, quite verbosely, and frequently, my blog will be complete if I can reach out and spread my message of bewaring the vagina stick to at least one other soul then my work will be done. I am glad it was you who took to it so well, and you tolerated my words doing the mambo in your brain too. I am working on a side project that might be up and running soon. Something completely different. You might be a character in it. The Great Amazonian Dirty the Scathing and Mournful. Who the Knight Sir Uriel the Wayward meets on his quest to build a new blog. But maybe not....Still in the up in the air stage. But probably going to happen. Or it won't. But it might, or it might not. I got a rolling start going, but it could still come to a screeching halt. I've got a basket of ideas, but I shouldn't count my eggs before they hatch. Ok, I am done.

    or am I?

    Peace out for now.

    Vagina Sticks Out! (That's going to be the next cool hippy way of saying goodbye)

  4. peepee,
    now that's an award not even hallie berry can boast!
    can i get an impatient blogger award because i just got mustard and chutney on my keyboard because i'm grubbing as i read, and peeing a bit...

    thanks cowgirl!


  5. My first award. I am so proud, and grateful.
    I would just like to thank Cowgirl for this honor. Also I want to mention all the little people I walked on to get here. Oops, they like to be called midgets now. I'd like to thank all the midgets I had to walk on to get here.

  6. Thanks DGC, I think we're on our way to a full blown affair.

    Seriously though, you don't even know how much of a huge encoragement you've been to me, especially with your comments.

    I absolutely adore you!

  7. Awwww Thanks! I hate that I haven't been able to write OR read that much this summer. But I appreciate it very much!


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