I've seen a couple of other bloggers post this question recently, or run it as a post tag game.

And I thought that's a great idea I'm going to steal it.
Which gave me the brilliantly original idea to set up this page.

So you can ask me anything you like in the comments - and I do mean ANYTHING, and every once in a while I will answer the questions in a post. It will give me something to say the next time my mojo decides to desert me. With any luck someone will actually read this ask me a question that inspires an entire post in itself.
And as we all know, I am always right.

So go ahead, make my day. . . .

Please remember I'm not the fucking fairy godmother so don't ask me to buy you a porsche or lend you some money as a punch in the face often offends. I'm skint anyway.


  1. Did your friend figure out he showed you your own blog?
    I tried to leave a comment on your groundhog post but my phone is crap so I don't know if you got it?

  2. How much fun is it to scare away a man?

  3. Have you written about the worst date you've ever been on? If the answer is no, would you be willing to do it?

  4. I remember you wanted questions to answer on Fridays, so I have some for you. They aren't even nasty, kinky, and filthy.

    First, your job sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more about the man for whom you care without violating his privacy? What's it like to spend day after day with someone whose memory is so short term? How does he handle it? Does it upset him that he can't remember? Do you get tired of having the same conversations over and over?

    Second, what are your friends like? Do you consider one person to be your best friend? Over the years, have your closest friends had a lot of characteristics in common? Do you have a friend you've known since childhood who has remained your friend?

    Third, what do you think about the Olympics being in your city this summer? Will it merely mean clogged traffic and a mess, or do you feel that good old Olympic spirit carrying you away into a great love for your fellow humankind? Will you get to see any events or maybe just see the torch pass by? If you had the chance to carry the Olympic torch, would you do it?




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